Leisure in Spain

Spain Leisure & Tourism

If what you are looking for is guaranteed sunshine, good food and wine and miles of sandy beaches then Spain is most definitely the place for you. It is no wonder that Spain’s national tourist office use the slogan ‘everything under the sun’. Although it is true that most of the people who come to visit Spain come to lay on a beach to relax on one of Spain’s many wonderful coastlines or islands, there is much more to the country than this such as an abundant choice of magnificent unspoilt countryside, numerous mountains and rivers, a vibrant nightlife, sophisticated cities, art, culture, festivals, fiestas and spectacular wine and cuisine. It is safe to say that Spain has an insatiable thirst for pleasure and fun and the Spanish are well renowned for throwing the best parties in the world.

Tourism and leisure in Spain really took off back in the 1960’s with the number of visitors steadily growing over the next few decades which saw Spain become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Although it is true that the tourism and leisure market saved the country from a potential economic disaster back in those days, it has nevertheless had a substantial affect on Spain catering mainly for the package holiday market.

Other than Spain’s famous beaches, the country’s main attractions are it’s vibrant cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and the religious capital of Santiago de Compostela in the magnificent region of Galicia located in the north west of Spain. A multitude of world class museums can be found in these great cities as well as spectacular gardens and parks. There are of course many other cities throughout Spain which offer much of the same such as Burgos, Cadiz, Cordoba, Granada, Malaga, Pamplona, San Sebastian, Seville and Valencia to name but a few.

Traditional fiestas and music festivals are held in all of the major cities and towns throughout the year in Spain which attract a large number of visitors and locals alike. One of Spain’s greatest attractions has to be it’s countryside which is often not enjoyed by the majority of the country’s visitors. Spain’s rugged beauty is arguably unparalleled in Europe and it is home to a great variety of flora, fauna and wildlife and contains more unspoilt regions than any other european country with many of these areas preserved as nature reserves and national parks.

To find out about local events and entertainment in Spain visit the local tourist office or pick up one of the various English language newspapers and magazines. The majority of the newspapers publish weekly supplements or magazines which contain a detailed programme of events taking place in the local area.

In short, your are simply spoilt for choice when it comes to leisure and tourism in Spain with a huge variety of things to keep you occupied or the numerous picturesque sandy beaches to keep you as unoccupied as possible. As there are so many festivals and fiestas throughout the year in Spain it really does not matter when you visit as you will be sure to find that something is being celebrated either where you are staying or close by.