Auriga Crown Gone Bust in Spain

Auriga Crown Gone Bust in SpainOne of the largest independent car hire companies in Spain has recently announced that they will cease trading.

Auriga Crown have been operating under administration for around 2 years, however, due to increasing costs and lower revenue, it has been decided that they will cease trading. As a result the availability of hire cars in Spain is set to plummet. The loss of 15,000 vehicles in the market will cause car rental prices in Spain to rise significantly in the coming months.

In both 2009 and 2010 there were availability issues due to the economic situation in Spain, making it difficult for car hire companies to raise finance in order to equip their fleets. 2012 is in danger of being even worse due to the fall in the number of cars.

It is advisable to book early if you want to secure a hire car this summer in Spain. The costs of car hire will also rise, meaning that customers may end up paying more than double if they leave booking until the last minute, if there are any vehicles left at all.

It is clear that the recent raft of exceptionally low prices has taken its toll on the car hire companies in Spain. There is no doubt that following the failing of one company, the rest will increase their prices. The message is clear, book your car hire in spain in advance.

If you have already booked your holiday for the summer you bshould also book your hire car in Spain now. This way, you can choose the most suitable vehicle for your stay and not be left with something hugely inappropriate, or worse still, nothing at all.

It is not yet known exactly when Auriga Crown will cease trading. Customers who have a car hire booking with Auriga Crown made through another broker or agent are advised to make alternative arrangements.






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