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Living in SpainWelcome to livinginspain.es where you will find all the information you are searching for whether you are already living in Spain, working in Spain, planning a holiday trip to Spain or thinking about moving to Spain!

Our information website on Spain has been created to service the needs of anyone wanting to know about Spanish life including foreign workers, students, tourists, business visitors, retirees, immigrants and holiday homeowners in Spain.

Livinginspain.es is the only website with an indepth, up to date guide on those wishing to live, work or holiday in Spain. Our Spanish information pages and sections are continually updated to ensure our visitors have the latest details of Spain at their disposal.

Spain joined the European Union back in 1986 and since then the country is consistently changing and adapting to mirror some of the EU’s more modern and productive member states. It is these changes to Spain’s rules, laws and regulations that people need to be aware of and this website is here to inform you about them so that you can be prepared for your trip or move to Spain.

You will find that we provide the latest news and information on essential topics in Spain such as residence permits in Spain, spanish tax, driving laws in Spain and Spain’s health service, as well as many other important things you will want to know to make your holiday trip, move or stay in Spain as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

If you are thinking of moving to Spain or planning a long term visit, you will find a wealth of information at the click of a button by simply browsing through our website and by using the navigation menu at the top of this page. Living and working in Spain is a completely different experience than if you have ever visited Spain as a tourist. Adjusting to a different culture and environment than what you are familiar with can be very stressful, not to mention having to adapt to the spanish way of doing things, finding a home, paying bills etc.

The information on this website is gathered from many different official sources as well as from good old plain and simple personal experiences which tend to always be the most accurate and useful for anyone wishing to know how to go about doing things in Spain. The team here at livinginspain.es along with our colleagues and friends have fortunately in one way or another done all the groundwork and made all the mistakes for you which is why we decided to build a website such as this so that others do not have to make the same mistakes that we all did when moving to Spain and everything else which that involves!

Although our information guide on Spain will without doubt help you to enjoy your experience in this wonderful country, it will no doubt not have every single answer that you might be looking for, but what it will provide you with is the knowledge to make calculated judgements and informed decisions instead of making costly mistakes or uneducated guesses so that you save yourself time, trouble and money.